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For after hour quotes, questions or concerns, please contact us via email. If you have extras, i.e., Lane departure, Lane keep assist, Rain sensor, etc, please let us know. If unsure you can send the Vin. 


Please do not contact us through here for marketing purposes



Office: (985) 214-6939

Cell: (985) 503-6461




Some available windshield options to help

** When sending a photo, send us a picture of the rearview mirror from the outside of the vehicle. 

* Rain sensor- The system is programmed to automatically activate and alter the speed and rate of the wiper blades to keep outward visibility unobstructed at all times. ( They come on automatically)

* Heated Wiper park - At the bottom of the windshield there should be a thin web of tungsten wire in the black area (Like on a back glass)

* Electrochromic rear view mirror-A self darkening mirror that regulates reflections of flashing light from following vehicles at night ( They dim automatically)

* Lane departure- A mechanism designed to warn the driver when the vehicle begins to move out of its lane (car will beep)

* Forward Collision- It uses radar and a camera (employing image recognition) to detect an imminent crash. ( Getting to close to another vehicle)

* Heads up display- A transparent display that presents data in the automobile without requiring drivers to look away from their usual viewpoints. ( Your instrument cluster is projected on the windshield)

* Condensation sensor- It helps regulate air on the windshield to reduce fogging

* Humidity Sensor- It measures and reports relative humidity in the air

* Acoustic Interlayer- Helps keep outside noise out and inside noise in

* Night Vision- A warning icon is displayed ( with the heads up option) when the system detects an animal or human or imminent danger.

* Light Sensor- The headlights come on automatically at night, dusk, dawn or bad weather.

* Solar-Coated- Solar control and thermal insulated glass, helps keep the heat out

Financing options are available: 

We've also teamed up with Purvis Financial to offer a longer range of payments.

We take virtual cards from any of the major pay in 4 companies.

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